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100 x ꝏ

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Free Plan


Pro Plan


Smart Plan


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Smart plan include?

The smart plan on Revyu includes a one time payment of $ 14.99. This payment would make many services available such as:

  • Add unlimited photo reviews
  • Import with ease reviews from AliExpress
  • Enable pop-up reviews
  • Get reviews sorted and have the dates updated automatically
  • Have AI assisted writing at all step
  • 15000 AI credits/month
  • Have rich SEO
  • AI assisted responses

What are plans available for Revyu purchasal?

There are 3 active plans as of now.

  • Free plan
    • It provides a lot many features of Revyu for free to be enabled in your store. These features include
      • 4000 AI Credits
      • Unlimited photo reviews
      • Unlimited review imports
      • 9+ pre-built themes
      • Rich SEO snippets
      • Review import filters
      • Bulk date updater
      • Store reviews
  • Pro plan
    • This is for $9.99/month This plan has all the features of the free plan along with:
      • 8000 AI credits
      • 200 review email requests/month
      • Pop-up reviews
      • AI review replier
      • Priority support
      • AI review writer and much more
  • Smart Plan
    • This is for $14.99/month This plan has all the features the pro plan along with:
      • 15000 AI credits
      • 1000 review email requests/month
      • Automatic date updation and sorting
      • Review generation from keywords
      • AI review replier
      • AI review writer and much more

In case AI review generation is not used completely in a month, will the purchased credits be carried forward to the next month?

The Pro Plan allows 8000 AI credits/month. Every month , the AI character limit is reset to 8000, whether it is fully exhausted or not.
In case of a Smart plan, 15,000 AI credits/month is offered and every month AI character limit is reset to 15,000.

What does 15000 AI credits mean?

Smart plan allows 15000 AI credits per month , in words, it would be approximately 3500 words.